Frequently Asked Questions: Allergy/Food Concerns

All of our pasta products are Kosher. Still have a question? Contact us!
Our products contain wheat ingredients and are manufactured in facilities that use eggs. For additional information concerning allergens, please e-mail us by clicking on “Contact Us” or calling 1-800-730-5957. Still have a question? Contact us!
Our packages include an accurate listing of the ingredients in our products. In addition, if any component of an ingredient is an allergen, that component is also listed on the package. Because peanuts/nuts/tree nuts are considered to be major allergens, they must be clearly listed on all products and/or contain a warning label stating the product may have come in contact with the allergen. We do not manufacture products with the above-listed allergens nor share facilities with companies that do, therefore, we are not required to list them on our packages. Still have a question? Contact us!
The majority of our products are made from wheat so they will contain some amount of gluten. Still have a question? Contact us!